Why License?

In accordance with state and local laws, pet licenses are mandatory in the City of Santa Rosa. In fact, licenses are mandatory in nearly every community across North America. Why? Because licenses help keep pets and the communities they live in safe. DocuPet was brought on board to simplify and improve pet licensing to benefit not only pet owners like you, but the entire community. DocuPet makes it easy for Sonoma County Animal Services to deliver a successful pet licensing program with a streamlined software and management solution that makes licensing a breeze for pet owners and administrators alike.

Check out the ways you can license your pet below and feel good knowing that 100% of licensing revenue funds are given to Sonoma County Animal Services to support important animal welfare initiatives helping to improve your community.

What will you need?

Licensing your pet will require specific information and proof. Having these items at the ready allows for the fastest experience. You have the option to upload a document as a saved or scanned file, or you may take a photo directly from your device on our upload page.


We securely process payment online and accept all major credit and debit cards as forms of payment.


Spay/Neuter proof example

Spay/neuter certificate

This document is required to qualify for the discounted rate and is only needed once and will be saved to your pet’s profile upon upload for future renewals. This proof declaring that your pet has been spayed or neutered may be in the form of a statement or receipt from the veterinarian, shelter, or clinic that performed the procedure.

Rabies proof example

Rabies vaccination proof

This document serves as formal proof that your pet has received a California-approved rabies vaccination. This document may be in the form of a Rabies Vaccination Certificate that has been signed by a veterinarian or certified professional. It is the law that pets must be up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations, so new documents will need to be uploaded to your pets profile as they receive their booster shots.

City of Santa Rosa Details & Fees

Pet licenses are required for all dogs living in and the City of Santa Rosa. Licenses are available for 1-year terms and must be renewed prior to the expiration date. You will receive reminders from us about upcoming license expirations via mail, phone, and email.

Fee Senior's Fee (62+)
*Altered Dog $16.00 $14.00
Unaltered Dog $19.00 N/A
Voluntary Cat License (Lifetime) $12.00 N/A
Altered Dog
Fee $16.00
Seniors Discount (62+) $14.00
Unaltered Dog
Fee $19.00
Voluntary Cat License (Lifetime)
Fee $12.00

A spay/neuter certificate is required to qualify for the altered dog discounted rate.
*Pet owners must be 62 or older to qualify for senior citizen rates

Voluntary cat licenses are available in City of Santa Rosa and are valid for the lifetime of your pet. Although not required, licensing your cat is a great way to help ensure their safety.

A late fee of $9.00 applies 30 days following license expiration.

A replacement City of Santa Rosa tag is available for a $12.00 fee or at no additional charge when you license your pet.

A valid rabies certificate is required to complete the licensing process. You must upload or present your certificates at time of purchase.

All licenses expire the day they were purchased, one year in in the future, so long as the rabies vaccination remains valid for the duration of the license term. If your pet’s rabies vaccination expires prior to your pet's license, the license will expire on the rabies vaccination expiration date.

When licensing a Certified Guide or Assistance Dog for the first time, licensing must be done in person. Future renewals may be done online once the status is verified.

Licenses are required for all dogs over four months of age.